Demo Day

December 6th, 2017





Aiva is the voice-powered OS for patient-centered healthcare. Patients enjoy hands-free access to information, reminders and entertainment, while our AI triages their help requests to the right caregiver’s mobile device. Aiva reduces response times and improves the experience for patient and caregiver alike.





CancerAid is an app for oncology patients, caregivers and clinicians to provide support during their journey. The app offers patients personalized cancer and treatment information, an organizer to help with symptoms and medications, along with a community to connect with others going through similar experiences.




ChoiceMap’s software helps doctors personalize treatment decisions. It predicts how well treatments will match each patient’s goals, values, and preferences. Then it tracks results to make sure that treatment continues to fit what patients want and need over time.





GYANT is a friendly health assistant that you can talk to - like to a friend who happens to be a physician. We use AI to take a detailed medical history and human physicians to diagnose, prescribe, or recommend the right care. This decreases unnecessary ER visits and improves patient navigation and loyalty for providers and payers.





Invio is a cloud-based content management platform for managing clinical trial documents and workflows that replaces paper subject and regulatory binders. Trial documents can be distributed, controlled, and collected within Invio, helping to ensure accuracy and completeness.





Lumeon utilizes context-aware automation to engage patients and physicians to drive adherence to protocols, from the first point of contact with the hospital to discharge and beyond. Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform allows hospitals to create their own end-to-end workflows that use digital protocols to optimize processes throughout the patient journey, reducing the cost of care delivery, improving quality and transforming the patient experience.




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NarrativeDx uses AI to help patient experience leaders identify actionable insights from patient feedback that improve CAHPS scores, increase referrals and reduce nurse turnover. We go beyond survey scores by analyzing comments from rounding tools, satisfaction surveys and online reviews to help hospitals provide excellent experiences that drive up to 50% improvement in financial performance.




Seremedi offers CareScriptions® a mobile patient care solution that equips caregivers to effectively manage complex care situations at home from their mobile devices. Patient reported outcomes are more accurate and timely, reducing risk and cost, while achieving better outcomes.

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Sway Health

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Sway helps increase access to preventative screening by automating the process of engaging patients, educating on the importance of early cancer detection, and following up to increase adherence. We allow healthcare organizations to screen more patients without adding to provider workload.





Tasso has created HemoLink, a virtually painless device that uses microfluidic technology and allows patients to collect their own blood sample—enough blood to allow third-party labs to run a broad range of diagnostic tests.

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