2016 Healthcare Accelerator Class




AppliedVR offers the first mobile VR platform for enhanced patient experience in healthcare around pain and anxiety management.



Deep6 Analytics

Deep 6 builds cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications to mine unstructured data for the healthcare industry and the U.S. intelligence community.




Ella is a mindfulness-based mobile platform that reduces healthcare costs by helping patients manage their chronic pain.




Grace is a comprehensive, technology-driven platform providing end-of-life management solutions for both consumers and healthcare providers.




HomeHero is a non-medical home care provider that leverages smart technology and human compassion to extend the health system into the home.



Inscope Medical

Inscope Medical Solutions has developed a laryngoscope that increases the speed and safety of intubation.




Silversheet is a talent management platform, empowering healthcare facilities and medical staff to work together and connect.



Stasis Labs

Stasis Labs has built a health monitoring system that allows doctors to catch declining patients and intervene before a critical event. 



Well Health

WELL is a HIPAA-compliant communication platform that lets support staff reach patients on their existing text and messaging apps.




Yosko is a care coordination platform for hospitals that improves team collaboration, transitions of care and efficiency in procedural areas.




ZendyHealth creates marketplace solutions for patients and providers, empowering patients to control their costs and providers to optimize capacity.