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Aiva provides a voice assistant platform built for patient care and staff efficiency. Patients enjoy hands-free access to information, reminders and entertainment, while Aiva triages voice requests to the right caregiver’s mobile device leveraging artificial intelligence to reduce response times and greatly improve the patient experience.




CancerAid is an app for oncology patients, caregivers and clinicians to improve the way cancer care is coordinated. The app offers patients personalized cancer information, organizes their journey, provides unique telemedicine and connects them to a community for support.




ChoiceMap is a tool for clinicians and patients to engage in shared decision making about treatment options. Its software personalizes recommendations based on each patient's clinical condition and personal preferences, and provides providers a tool to best communicate and engage patients.




GYANT uses machine learning and AI to offer patients a triage tool that leads from symptoms to information to recommended next steps. Using a conversational agent, either through messaging or voice-enabled technology, GYANT uses clinically validated triage-protocols to ensure patients have immediate access to information and can appropriately access the right level of care..




Invio SourceDrive is a cloud based, content management platform for managing clinical trial documents and workflows that replaces paper subject and regulatory binders. Regulatory documents can be distributed, controlled and collected within SourceDrive, helping to ensure accuracy and completeness.




Lumeon utilizes context-aware automation to engage patients and physicians to drive adherence to protocols. Lumeon's Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform allows hospitals to create their own end-to-end workflows that use digital protocols to control all processes throughout the patient journey, from appointment generation through to follow-up.




NarrativeDx is an artificial intelligence platform specifically for analyzing patient experience. Utilizing a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, healthcare-specific Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning platform, NarrativeDx collects, analyzes and visualizes unstructured patient feedback from internal and external sources (CAHPS Surveys, grievance letters, social review sites, etc.).




Seremedi’s CareScriptions service is a mobile care coordination solution. It enables remote care management for high-risk patients and connects patients and their caregivers to the care team during the most critical points of care.

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Sway Health

Sway Health helps providers rapidly deliver evidence-based preventative counseling at the point of care. Their software captures relevant patient medical history prior to a visit, enables providers to deliver brief, personalized preventative interventions during normal office visits and ensures reliable reimbursement by automating notes and billing for preventive services.




Tasso’s HemoLink is an easy-to-use, virtually painless and wearable blood collection system that uses microfluidic technology which will allow patients to collect their own blood samples. The blood collected by the HemoLink can be used by third-party labs across a broad range of diagnostic tests.

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