Cohort 2 Companies


Cerebro’s SaaS platform helps healthcare organizations more efficiently manage their labor spend by providing tools to manage internal and contingent clinicians, while also providing insight and forecasts into labor demands.

Enso has created an innovative new FDA-cleared device that uses electrical stimulation to help relieve chronic pain, helping avoid the use of addictive opioid medications. 

Frame Health, through advanced personality analysis, identifies high cost, non-adherent patients and creates tailored treatment plans that improve adherence and outcome.

HealthcareTTU provides predictive analytics around cashflows and AR valuation for hospital health systems, increasing financing efficiencies between hospitals and their banking partners.

HealthTensor uses Artificial Intelligence to mine the medical record for pertinent information and automate physician documentation. This allows physicians to spend more time with patients, improves care, and optimizes reimbursements by ensuring proper clinical documentation.

Noteworth bridges the data gap in healthcare by seamlessly uniting smart medical devices, data and support together into a single, interoperable platform that positions physicians to deliver more informed, efficient and proactive care.

ReferralMD is a cloud-based patient access, referral management and collaboration platform that helps health systems reduce patient leakage, increase revenue and drive operational efficiency.



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